Drawing for Better or Worse


What does it mean to draw for better or worse? There are days where the magic flows and the minute you pick up your pencil, drawings erupt onto the page without a thought. You could draw for hours. You are in a flow state and nothing, not even the lights going out or a small temblor could get you to stop drawing. You need to draw. Your sketchbook goes with you everywhere and on the bus you take it out to sketch the shape of the woman’s eye who is sitting across from you. The slant, the angle, the curve of the eyelid. But then there are other days when you wake up and you just don't feel like doing much of anything, right? You just don’t want to draw. Or go to the the studio and start working. Your mind starts spinning and saying “What does it matter anyway, everything I draw is horrible” or “why am I even wasting my time doing this, I don’t even like to draw that much.” It is on these days that your drawing practice is essential. If you are...

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