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Hi, I am Deb and I teach educators, individuals and entrepreneurs how to access and explore the creative process as a catalyst for positive change in the classroom, the organization or the individual. 


Process Over Product

There are no mistakes! With an emphasis on PROCESS over Product you will learn to still your critical voices and experiment with drawing in new ways. Allowing for unknown outcomes and an emphasis on following one's intuitive line, The Drawing Lab, is the antidote to perfectionism.

Build Community

The Drawing Lab teaches you how to use drawing to build stronger communities in schools, business and families. Drawing together and collaborating in the drawing process allows for stronger bonds to grow among the individuals in a group.

Express Yourself

Drawings are infinite. We each have a one of a kind Drawing Mind and in the Drawing Lab you can discover the way that YOU make a mark. How do your emotions inform drawing? How can you use your marks to express what can't be spoken? Explore different materials and ways to make a drawing. 

Mindfulness: Sensory Exploration

The Drawing Lab builds sensory awareness and connection. How do you draw a smell just using your marks? How do you draw a taste? Building and honing one's observation skills through drawing, The Drawing Lab introduces participants to mindfulness through drawing. 

Visual Thinking: Figuring Things Out

Whether you are in a classroom or a boardroom or alone in your bedroom, drawing can help you figure things out. Mapping out ideas, designing spaces, coming up with the solution to a problem, visual thinking is an essential skill in this modern age. The Drawing Lab challenges the participant with visual thinking experiments.

Why Do Humans Draw?

Many have a narrow definition of what drawing is or can be. Central to the Drawing Lab is exploring the many ways and reasons why humans draw. From early cave drawings to patent drawings and a coach's drawing of a play on the field, drawing is everywhere. 

"The Drawing Mind" Book

Get the interactive sketchbook! Artist Deb Putnoi teaches you to silence your inner critic and release your creative spirit. Putnoi is the founder of "The Drawing  Lab" and believes in the power of drawing to change lives and communities. Drawing is all around us but so many are scared to draw. This book allows you to access your Drawing Mind in new ways. 

The Drawing Lab Course

The Drawing Lab course is available on-line. This is a course you can do at your own pace and you will have full access to all the videos and lesson plans. There are in-depth videos on how to do each lesson and what materials are needed, printable lesson plans for teachers and for individuals and sketchbook pages.

I want to learn!

The Drawing Lab Installation

Bring the Drawing Lab to your venue! The Drawing Lab is an interactive installation created by artist Deborah Putnoi.  It is a participatory space to engage people with the drawing process. A series of drawing stations provide new and unexpected ways to engage your "drawing mind," such as experimentation with mark making, drawing to music,  training the eye to observe the world, and awakening all of  the senses through drawing. Visitors add drawings to a Community Drawing Wall. The Drawing Lab is a dynamic work in process, responding to each venue and to the specific needs of the communities it serves.

Experience The Drawing Lab

Are you ready to enter the Drawing Lab? Discover the many ways you can participate in The Drawing Lab experience.


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