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"People have a fear it has to be perfect.

There is no perfect.

There is no right.

We all have this ability.

Everyone can make a mark."

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Hi, I'm Deb 

Each and every day, people tell me they can't draw. They have a fear it has to be perfect...even a simple mark.

Here's what I believe to be true: we all have creativity inside us. Everyone can make a mark. 

I have helped thousands access their creative side, even if they have never done anything creative. From the time I was a toddler through to my 30-year-career as a professional artist and educator, I have witnessed over and over, the power of drawing and the creative process. It transforms people and communities. 

Using my special framework, you, too, can discover the power that comes from bringing to light your innate ability.

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Kim S.

“Deb is magic…I'm much freer.

Using the senses as a way into drawing is invaluable. I just draw now and love it.”

Susie B.

"I'm finding I'm feeling much calmer & more settled when I draw every day.  It's as good or better than my meditation practice.:

Daphne N.

"I love scribbling and drawing. Deb has a way of inspiring me to step outside fear and just enjoy process of creating spontaneously. I have used her methods in dealing with my grandchildren and my 91 year old mom. It works and it’s fun!"

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