Make Your Mark


It is a small but powerful act. One that everyone can do. Drawing. It is a pencil, ballpoint pen, charcoal on paper. It is a mark in the sand, chalk on the sidewalk. Drawing, is a visual language. Making marks on a surface is a truly democratic activity, something that everyone regardless of age, culture, socio-economic status can take part in. So why is there so much fear and anxiety about the process? If I talk to most people about drawing I usually hear, “oh I couldn’t draw a straight line.” This comment always stuns me and inside my head I think, “what artist cares about drawing a straight line when they draw? Drawing is not about making straight lines. There is no judge going around with a ruler saying, “okay you can draw, your line is straight.” The world of drawing and the process of drawing as it unfolds is infinite. Drawings are as varied as the world of ideas and thoughts. A series of random lines, dots and dashes arranged in a...

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