What is Creativity?


The Drawing Lab is a space and an approach where everyone is invited to jump into the creative process. Allowing the creative process into your life is essential but so many people are so scared to jump into the unknown. Creativity is something that everyone can access even in small ways. But people's fear of "making mistakes" and not being perfect can get in the way. 

After hearing the constant refrain, “Well I can’t even draw a straight line” whenever I said I was an artist I decided to combine my love of drawing with my passion for teaching and became what I call a "Drawing Activist." I want to change the world one pencil at a time.

When I was getting my Masters degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education I took a course on Creativity with Professor Howard Gardner. He spoke about "big C" creativity and "little c" creativity. The artist Pablo Picasso and the novelist Jane Austen were artists that achieved "big C" creativity they shifted the domain of their field and through their creative works they were able to help us as humans see and think in new ways. But there is also "little c" creativity which are the small acts that we can push ourselves to do every day or every month. Taking out a pencil and paper and pushing yourself to draw will challenge your brain in new and often unexpected ways and that act of creativity may change some other aspect of your life. It is a ripple effect. A small act that is a catalyst. A tiny "small c" creative act that can yield unintended outcomes that may help you experience the world in a new and different way.


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