The "Your Drawing Mind" Facebook  group is about drawing. But not realistic drawing, an expanded notion of what drawing is and can be used for. So many people are scared to draw or be creative. They shut that side down or say they don't need it. But really the language of drawing is a core human form of expression. We draw before we write. Or for some even talk. But as we enter school this language of connection and communication gets pushed aside and not cultivated. Artists are not the only people who use drawing. We draw for myriad reasons: to figure something out, to show how to do something, to design, to express, to build, to see, etc. This group is a place to share how drawing and creativity can be used in the world and to give everyone access to a flexible pencil so that we can find novel solutions to current problems. This group is to encourage everyone to experiment and explore their one of a kind Drawing Mind! We will share our drawing experiences, our drawings, our tools and artist Deb Putnoi will guide and suggest out of the box drawing experiments. 

• Monthly drawing demos

• Monthly Lunch Chats

• Vibrant community of people who want to explore drawing and creativity!