Creative kids are happy kids.



Your kids have had enough of ZOOM calls and frankly so have you! Kids are craving creativity and using their imaginations freely. 

Parents we've got you! YOU are overwhelmed or you may not feel creative yourselves. The Creativity Lab provides you with the tools and guided method to keep your child busy, creative, happy and calm.

Get creative now!

An online art hub like "Netflix" for creativity!

You don't need to pick one media or a set time for learning. Your child can choose from an array of media and choose when and how they want to take part in the lab!


3 Top Benefits of Creativity

Kids discover how to silence their inner critic and delve into the creative process.


Kids find art making a powerful way to deal with anxiety and worry. Students achieve calm through simple acts of creation. Art making is a powerful way to build a mindfulness and achieve calm. The Creativity Lab builds sensory awareness and connection. The Creativity Lab introduces participants to mindfulness through creativity. 

Visual Thinking: Figuring Things Out

Mapping out ideas, designing spaces, coming up with the solution to a problem, visual thinking is an essential skill in this modern age. The Creativity Lab challenges children with visual thinking experiments.

Flexible Thinking

Using a process oriented approach and delving into the creative PROCESS kids will learn how to draw, print, collage and paint while also learning about building curiosity and an open mindset. They will be guided by a professional artist who will show them how to develop flexible thinking.

Video testimonials about Deb's approach


"My 10 year old is in the program and my heart has been bursting with happiness after just a couple of weeks. I enrolled him because he struggles with anxiety, confidence, and perfectionism and even though he’s been in all of the therapies (occupational, speech for handwriting, etc.), he wasn’t really making progress. But just after a couple of weeks in here, I’ve seen him be open and curious and more autonomous than I maybe EVER HAVE. For example, usually doing sidewalk chalk he would get bored and give up after a few minutes. But during the “Marks” unit he entertained himself for 30-45 minutes with chalk. I have seriously never seen him focussed on anything—not just time wise but also his whole energy—that wasn’t a video or video game. Yay art! I’m so excited for him and so grateful to have found Deb. "

Mother of 10 year old boy

Judgement Free Zone!

The Creativity Lab for Kids is a place where kids are FREE to be themselves! It is an online space where kids and families can access an ever growing "library" of creativity experiments and activities. Each child and family can access these lessons at any time, at their own pace, in their own way. You can revisit the activities over and over and all of the resources are available all the time. Each week new experiments are added to the membership area.

Weekly New Art Experiments

Artist & Educator Deb Putnoi will share weekly creativity activities. She will focus her teaching on four different areas: drawing, painting, collage and printmaking using a mixed media approach. Putnoi believes in a process oriented approach and helps students find their OWN visual voice.

Private Facebook Group

Community Show & Share in a private Facebook group where students can share their work and practice talking about and reflecting on their work. They can write about what they have created that month and talk about their process and what they have learned. 

Art Inspired Adventures & Challenges

Use art to get your kids outside so they are not in front of a screen all day! Monthly scavenger hunts or creativity challenges push students to think "outside of the lines." This will help students develop their creative brain in new ways and SEE the outside world in a more nuanced way.   

Things are so unsure right now for our kids

The Creativity Lab is a stable, consistent space for kids to follow their OWN imagination.

Pre-School Experiments

In The Creativity Lab Deb shares special lessons geared to this age group. With an emphasis on experimentation and play, Deb helps younger students tap into their innate curiosity and helps them stay connected to their creative selves. 

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"I cannot say enough about art classes that I and my kids have all taken with Deb Putnoi. Her approach is unique and inspiring. I try to base a lot of how I teach on what I have learned from Deb. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for EVERY kid!!! "

Allyson Nickowitz Ross
Preschool Art Teacher

"This is something exciting and different!"

This is not another copy the teacher art experience. This is a one of a kind "creativity lab" where artist Deb Putnoi encourages each student to follow their own creative path through a series of art experiments. Each student will discover their own creative voice. If you believe in the power of creativity and developing a “growth mindset” for your kids then this membership is for you! If you want your kids to learn to discover a range of art media and delve in the creative process then I'd like to invite you to join The Creativity Lab.

Kids need a SPACE to be FREE

The Creativity Lab will:

• Relieve stress and achieve calm through simple acts of creation
• Boost self-esteem, drive, focus, and impulse control
• Discipline both mind and senses to become more deeply attuned to the world
• Improve brain connectivity & plasticity – see through and past problems, into the realm of creative solutions
• Train the whole brain to take on the most complex processes of the human mind


"The kids aren't forced to stick with one media but explore the creative process using a wide range of media. They LOVE it"

Mom of two students

Enrollment OPEN!

Most kids art classes cost $280 or more for just 6 lessons. This offer is a real deal!



2 Classes a month

Live Zoom Show & Share each month

Weekly Activity Pages

Private Facebook Group

Downloadable Sketchbook Pages

Online Membership Portal with library of videos and other materials.

Give it a try you are free to cancel at any time.

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Get a FULL YEAR for the cost of 10 months

2 Classes a month

Live Zoom Show & Share each month

Weekly Activity Pages

Private Facebook Group

Downloadable Sketchbook Pages

Online Membership Portal with library of videos and other materials.

Enroll NOW!

"Deb is a master at making everyone feel comfortable with art and the creative process. While she has a talent for working with people of all ages, I can share from personal experience that she is an expert at drawing out the buried talents of tween and teenage boys (a notoriously tough crowd...). My boys' love of art, color and creativity is directly related to Deb's involvement in their lives, and stories from her studio are often referenced. Deb is a treasure!"

Mom of two sons

Artist & Educator

Deb Putnoi

Deb Putnoi is the Founder of The Drawing Lab and author of, The Drawing Mind. She is an artist and educator and has worked with teenagers, young women, activists, scientists, entire schools including all of the staff and students, organizations and more. Putnoi's approach allows you to access your creative self in novel ways!

Putnoi exhibits her ARTWORK internationally and has a Masters in Education from The Harvard Graduate School of Education. She worked at Project Zero with Howard Gardner, a leading expert on creativity, arts in education and critical issues of education. She was involved in cutting edge research on creativity, arts in communities and museum settings. 

"The Drawing Mind"

book by Deborah Putnoi

"If I wanted to draw, I’d like to have Deborah Putnoi by my side. Now, thanks to her evocative and crystal clear book, all readers can have this opportunity.”

—Howard Gardner 


"Today was fun. I got to find other ways to express myself and sometimes it came out great and other times different. Drawing is discovery. I found pieces of myself I never knew before. I liked doing this because I got to express myself and it didn’t matter how the picture came out, it was a cool picture no matter what. "

-5th grade boy


Kids discover how to express themselves freely through a range of media.


Please feel free to email Deb Putnoi at: [email protected] or use Facebook messenger.


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