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Activate your creative self in just 5 minutes a day.


Times are different right now. We are all searching for ways to anchor ourselves and find new rhythms in our days. 

Are you working from home and finding it difficult to separate work from home life? 

Are you feeling a bit stressed out and maybe lonely? As we approach another season in this new reality there are things you can do right now to add a new sense of calm and focus and to your days. 

What if I told you that there is a new way to bring some meaning and connection even when things feel a bit chaotic. 

The Fearless Creativity Membership is an online community that will teach you simple ways to activate your creative brain while also teaching you ways to de-stress and re-connect to your innate creativity.  

I am ready to become a member!


• Jumpstart your creativity.

• Increase your problem solving ability.

• Decrease stress and anxiety

• Access your creative self easily on a daily basis.
• Apply creative solutions at work and school.
• Learn simple, powerful techniques to access different parts of your brain.

"During this hectic time, my brothers and I have found peace turning to Deb’s Drawing Lab videos and The Drawing Mind book. Deb encourages us to make mistakes and experiment with new techniques. I love how she reminds us to let go of expectations and judgement— which is so important now more than ever. Not only is drawing with Deb therapeutic, but she’s also providing a wonderful opportunity to create art with my family!"

Elana R.
age 23

This is what you need right now!

Are you feeling overwhelmed and burned out? Do you feel disconnected and not sure what to do to reconnect with your self?

This membership will teach you how to slow down and even in short bursts of time you can connect to your creative self.


I'll Show You How!

"I feel like I have a creative side but I don't know how to access it?"

With my 30 years of experience I have taught everyone from 5 year olds to 95 year olds. I have seen children who have challenges focusing and learning, flourish in my class.


No Mistakes!

"I feel nervous about doing it right, what if I make a mistake or mess it up?"

There is no such thing as a mistake in The Creativity Lab. We learn from them, we create around them and they lead us to new discoveries.

Each Month You Get:

Your Inbox Inspires

Imagine opening your inbox and receiving a quick and easy way to jumpstart your creativity! 

These short, easy experiences are meant to wake up your creative brain. 


Support & Community

Join the private on-line community which will encourage you and give you support as you explore your creativity.  Share your drawings and creative explorations in a judgement free zone. 

24/7 Creativity Inspiration

Jump into the online hub and always find a way to activate your creativity. Find videos, downloads, creativity affirmations and more!

Ongoing Accountability

A monthly ZOOM CIRCLE with Deb for accountability and support: members check-in, set goals and support each other. As you challenge yourself on this journey you will be getting the expert advice of a professional artist and educator. 

Build Your Creativity Habit One Small Step at a time

Like a "Netflix" membership you'll have access to an online portal that houses an ever growing set of creativity prompts and exercises. You will also get weekly creativity workouts In your inbox you can do anywhere, anytime. Monthly ZOOM sessions will help solidify your progress.

Brain Fitness

Wake up your brain! The Fearless Creativity membership exercises your brain by introducing you to new ways to access your creative self. The challenges develop and push your brain to work in unexpected ways and research shows that this helps to develop new neural pathways in the brain. In small bite sized work outs you will explore ways of approaching your innate creativity. 


Studies have shown that even 5 minutes a day of engaging with your creativity can lower your stress levels and bring happiness to your day. Learning how to use creativity exercises during the day can bring stress relief and calm to your day.

Flexible Thinking

By challenging the brain through creativity workouts, you will build habits of mind to be more flexible in your thinking, allowing for creative solutions to arise from this flexibility. The Fearless Creativity membership exposes each and every person to their own personal creative vision and voice. 

Slow Down

Cultivating an open minded approach allows you to be more mindful of what is around you and how you interact with the world through your senses and experiences. Each creativity workout pushes you to slow down and connect on a deeper level. Your days may be busy yet through these workouts you will take time for yourself and connect in new ways.

Be Creative Anywhere

No matter where you go you can bring the Creativity Lab with you. You can practice using what you learn in the Creativity Lab. In a museum, on a hike, on a bus, in line at the store, these exercises can be done on the go. Since the workouts are bite size, take them with you and practice with friends, family and co-workers.

Lifelong Practice

As humans we all possess a creative part of ourselves that we need to train the same way that we train our bodies through exercise. In yoga it is called "practice" the same is true for our creative selves. The Creativity Lab teaches you how to build a lifelong practice that allows you to fit in small moments of creative play and exploration that will keep your brain, soul and body fit and flexible for years to come. 

"Deb’s work is restorative and energizing. She helps us dig deep to express whatever we wish, appreciating everyone’s capacity to express themselves and to appreciate a more sensuous world. "

Fran Godine

"The kids were forced to go slowly. Slowing down helped them notice more. They saw an interconnectedness they didn't see before - they learned that in science they could draw as well as write. Honing observation skills is a priority in middle school "

Matt M.
7th Grade Science Teacher, Cambridge, MA

Reclaim Your Freedom

When we draw as children, we never worried about making mistakes—we took risks and trusted ourselves, and had fun in the process. But as we become adults, anxiety steps in: “Am I doing this right?”  “What is expected of me?” “This is wrong!” And from drawing, we can extrapolate into the rest of our lives. The fear of making a mistake hinders us from being as creative as we could be.

I am READY to Join!

"Participation in your course has opened up my mind, emotions, intellect, creativity...I could go on but you get the idea! "

Anne Gould

"For me it was a bit scary because I've never done anything like this or certainly not the way Deb is teaching it...These daily challenges though are helping me overcome my thoughts on what drawing is and what perfect is. "

Dale Berkebile
Founder Business Success Movement

"I don't think you can fail this. You can only fail if you don't do it and it's not really failure, it's just missed opportunities. I really liked the community. I like people uploading their images. "

Billy Parker
Founder Hindsight Media

"Kids have increased confidence when drawing. They have sharpened skills as observers. They have freedom to express themselves. They don’t even think about it when they are asked to draw. They just pick up their pencils and begin. "

3rd/4th Grade Teacher Cambridge, MA

"A small miracle in my life. Thanks Deb for this transformational course!"

Paula Sharaga
Head Librarian Brookline Public Library

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike taking a class, a daily creativity workout builds important habits of mind. Just as people have daily yoga, meditation and exercise routines, building a Creativity practice enhances your life, builds new neural pathways in the brain and develops a flexibility of thinking. 

The Creativity Lab is a monthly membership. Every week in your inbox you will receive Creativity Prompts for the week. You will have access to the online Creativity Lab portal where everything is housed (like "Netflix"). You will also gain access to a Private Facebook Group that only people who are in the membership will have access to. Inside the group there will be a series of Foundational Videos that will teach you the core creativity exercises. You will also have access to handouts and articles and other surprises. This group is where you will share what you have created, where you can ask questions or share comments. Once a month I will do a LIVE ZOOM CIRCLE  session. At times I may even interview artists or educators in the field of creativity. 

It is tough to quantify one's creative growth but we have some different tools for you to reflect on your progress. We will teach you how to do personal reflections as you go and we have ways for you to see your progress over time. As in an art school where there are "crits" we will teach you ways to observe your learning and growth over time. 

For every exercise I try and keep the materials that you need to a minimum. I aim to have you use things that you have around you. That being said you will always need some paper and some kind of writing tool. I will have a list of general materials that you will need and will send out when you become a member. I have had students become creative in what materials they use!

You can cancel your membership at any time. We ask that you give us a weeks notice. Please email Deb: [email protected] to cancel. 

Deborah Putnoi

Deb Putnoi is the Founder of The Drawing Lab and author of, The Drawing Mind. She is an artist and educator and has worked with teenagers, young women, activists, scientists, entire schools including all of the staff and students, organizations and more. Putnoi's approach allows you to access your creative self in novel ways! Putnoi exhibits her artwork internationally and has a Masters in Education from The Harvard Graduate School of Education. She worked at Project Zero with Howard Gardner, a leading expert on creativity, arts in education and critical issues of education. She was involved in cutting edge research on creativity, arts in communities and museum settings. 

Deb's art website

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